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Built in the countryside for use in the countryside

Our Trailers

Easterby Trailers manufacture from raw materials a complete range of Agricultural tipping trailers as well as Bale & Pallet Trailers, Industrial trailers, a range of smaller trailers, and a selection of Special trailers, built to your requirements. The Factory team of 9 personnel have more than 130 years of experience in working for Easterby Trailers, and they have the skills necessary to custom build any trailer to a wide variety of specifications and optional extras.

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Easterby Trailers

Producing high quality and competitively priced trailers since 1974.

Easterby Trailers

Built to perfection and built to last

Easterby Trailers

Among the finest trailer manufacturers in the world.

Easterby Trailers

Built in the countryside for use in the countryside.

Easterby Agricultural and Industrial Trailers Easterby Agricultural and Industrial Trailers Easterby Agricultural and Industrial Trailers Easterby Agricultural and Industrial Trailers
Built to Perfection Built to Last

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Our Agricultural Trailers

Easterby trailers build a comprehensive "Wolds Range" of agricultural trailers and Industrial trailers. From tipping trailers to bale and pallet trailers we cater for all types of trailers needed by the farming and industrial community. Our Agricultural trailers are built in the countryside for use in the countryside. All of our trailers come in a variety of sizes and weight capacities.

All of our trailers come in a wide range of colours and have a range of optional extras, and we can also custom build a trailer to your own requirements. The body of the trailers has been recently strengthened and has a sturdier and improved look.

We only use top quality suppliers for any purchased components such as Air and Hydraulic brakes, Suspension, Axles, wheels/tyres and LED lights, Paint, and we use a range of this latest technology best suited to each particular trailer. Our painting process has recently changed to provide the best and most durable finish available, using a 2 pack Acrylic paint after the metal sections/chassis etc. have been shot blasted.

All of our Agricultural and Industrial trailers come with a 1 year warranty, and are built to your exact standards and requirements. The Business celebrates its 40th Anniversary in 2014, and it is a testament to the entire team, the Factory employees who build and paint the trailers, the office personnel who run the administration side on a day to day basis, and the management team led by Peter, Liz and Dean.

We also pride ourselves on our personal after sales service and support should you have any problems whatsoever after buying one of our trailers. We are always happy to speak with our customers not just about sales, but also about any feedback, tips, and suggestions you can offer us in helping to continually improve our trailer quality.

In addition to building the trailers we manufacture, we have a large range of spare parts and accessories. We offer a comprehensive repair and refurbishment service should you prefer this to buying a new trailer.

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