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Built in the countryside for use in the countryside

Trailer Refurbishment

Save money in the year ahead by letting us carry out a comprehensive refurbishment of your old trailer. Refurbishments are a cost effective way of keeping your trailer stock in tip top condition. We can also repair your damaged trailer if required, and carry out insurance work if necessary. We also stock and can supply a wide range of parts and accessories.

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Easterby Trailers

Producing high quality and competitively priced trailers since 1974.

Easterby Trailers

Built to perfection and built to last

Easterby Trailers

Among the finest trailer manufacturers in the world.

Easterby Trailers

Built in the countryside for use in the countryside.

Easterby Agricultural and Industrial Trailers Easterby Agricultural and Industrial Trailers Easterby Agricultural and Industrial Trailers Easterby Agricultural and Industrial Trailers
Built to Perfection Built to Last

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Trailer Refurbishment and Shotblast Services

Easterby Trailers offer a full refurbishment and shot blast service which can be used as a cost effective way to ensure you always present a quality, professional appearance of your fleet of trailers.

From Bale & Pallet trailers to a range of Tipping trailers, we can offer a complete refurbishment at a competitive price. We can also upgrade your old trailer should you have a need to change, or to meet your current and future requirements.

Refurbishment can be carried out swiftly and can transform the product radically whilst increasing its product life in a cost efficient manner.

  • We offer a complete shot blasting and re-spray service.
  • Update your old bulb lights to the latest specification LED lighting.
  • Convert/add a new Hydraulic door
  • Change to a sprung 9 or 11 leaf draw bar
  • Fit new brake shoes (Airbrakes available if you have commercial axles on your trailer)
  • Plus much, much more should you require further work done.
Trailer Before Refurbishment
Before being refurbished
Trailer after Easterby Refurb
After being refurbished
(New back door and re-spray)
u.2.Referb Trailer (12).jpg
Before trailer refurbishment
u.2.Referb Trailer (67).jpg
After trailer refurbishment

Before trailer refurbishment

After trailer refurbishment
u.2.bale black 004.jpg
Agricultural Trailer after Easterby Trailer Refurbishment
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